Micro Pump

For the pump application which use gas or liquid as the medium, Vishan supply many option to fulfill every requirements for different power and size. It’s different from other applications, most of pumps required the motors can assume big axial and radial load which is the big challenge for the motor structure design.

Following more and more demands of the brushed motor replacement, but is enslaved to the motor control technology, customers meet a lot of problem, it’s important and meaningful if the motor and the controller can be integrated. Vishan motor developed a series of motor with driver integrated versions which can cover from  Φ22mm to  Φ36mm, the Maximum power output can be achieved to 45W.

Functional features

  • Unique electromagnetic coil design have higher power density and efficiency
  • High quality motor controller can be accept widely customization like speed control, FG signal, Closed-loop speed feedback system…etc
  • Much longer life time than brush motor
  • No sparks while working, suitable for the special working occasions, like inflammable, explosive occasions.

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