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ECG Series
For a lot of applications which needed a gearheads to provide a means of gearing between the motor and the load to provide either speed reduction or to increase the torque capability of the composite.
Vishan ECG Series supply the high performance slotless brushless DC motor with accurate planetary gearheads to fulfill the low speed but high torque applications.
  • Planetary structure design which include Φ16mm to Φ42mm
  • All the machined parts to keep the precision of the gearheads
  • High torque output
  • High Efficiency
  • Wide customization range
  • Low noise
Model Diameter (mm) Max efficiency (%) Nominal Torque (mNm) Max Recommended Input Speed (rpm) Specification CAD 3D CAD
ECG16, Φ16mm 16 90 500 42000
ECG22, Φ22mm 22 90 900 42000
ECG28, Φ28mm 28 90 2200 36000
ECG32, Φ32mm 32 90 3500 36000
ECG36, Φ36mm 32 90 4000 30000
ECG40, Φ40mm 40 90 8000 30000
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