For some applications which need to provide accurate control of motor speed and positioning, there is needed an encoder. in order to feed the downsize and light weight design requirements, our encoder's Minimum diameter can be up to 16mm. Choose the automotive level encoder chip which will be much helpful to ensure the quality and the performance is the best. As a magnetic variety encoder which can supply 25 to 1000/1024 lines per revolution, with up to 3 channels.
  • Magnetic Encoder
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Minimum diameter up to Φ16mm
  • 3 Channel, 1000/1024PPR
  • Multifarious function customization
  • Complementary signal output
Model Resolution (line counts) Type Max speed (rpm) Specification CAD 3D CAD
EN22, 22mm 25,100,400,500,1000 Magnetic 28000
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